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announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. >>> bermuda is on alert and people are taking cover there hurricane igor is closing in with a lot of wind and rain and our reynolds wolf is right in the middle of it. >> reporter: the sent over hurricane igor is still some distance away from bermuda, but the outer ba bands are coming through, coming through with some incredibly strong winds gusting up to 60, 70 miles per hour much heavy rainfall intermitt it tent at times and surf spectacular. behind me, you can see what is left of elbow beach, everything else covered by the water and high waves continue to roll n many of the roads have been closed. the major causeway that connects part of bermuda has also been shut down due to the strong winds. traveling is dangerous on the island. however, we were able to get out a while ago and this is what we saw. here is bermuda. we are feeling the brunt of the storm. [ inaudible ] off the coast of africa. it has spun its way across the atlantic, getting close to bermuda and a now the outer bands, strongest
because of a medical problem. but she has been given a clean bill of health. >> down on bermuda, i look at the conditions and how close hurricane a war may get to the island when we come back. >> we will take a close look at igor and there is a cold front coming in from the pennsylvania mountains. it might bring a sprinkle to a few locations. it is 82 degrees at >> today has been officially declared frank zappa day. a statue of the artist was unveiled. frank zappa was a world-renowned artist and testified on capitol hill about free expression . hurricane igor is heading toward the island of bermuda hurricane wind and powerful waves have already done a lot to the beaches. in the next 24 hours to 36 hours, the brunt of the storm will hit as close as 10 miles. just a few power flashes have hit the island, but bermuda is prepared for the worst of igor. >> temperatures today and are cooperating for interesa nice fo the weekend. it is starting to back off a bit now. it is in the upper-70's are wronaround the beltway. it is still 82 degrees down at bwi marshall. it is warm out towards hagersto
>>> i'm dan harris. tonight on "world news" -- the monster storm taking aim at bermuda tonight. hurricane igor is so big it's creating dangerous rip currents from florida to cape cod. >>> sunday prayers. the first family makes a rare visit to church. is there a political message here? >>> lost and found. 13 members of a cultlike church trigger a frantic search when they disappear. >>> the youngest victim, the taliban attacked voters in afghanistan and children pay the price. >>> and lights out for the last american factory making one of this country's greatest inventions, the ordinary incan decemb decemberine lightbulb. >>> good e >>> good evening. the airport is closed. the windows are closed. the sandbags are filled. and tonight, 60,000 people on bermuda are braesing for hurricane oi go. to's heading right for tiny bermuda. there have been stronger storms but what makes igor stand out. is its size. a huge pinwheel of furry that's expected to pound bermuda for hours. our david kerley is there tonight. >> reporter: the full strength of igor is just starting to reach bermuda. ig
a little bit. this will generally move in the direction of bermuda. and little further east, julia has become a hurricane. it is now a category one. the big what is hurricane igor. a category four storm about 180 miles from hamilton, bermuda. it does look like we will see this storm weakening but moving in the general direction of bermuda. this bread, is the possibility. you can see a wide range of possible tax, but the center line is the most likely. that will take it pretty close to bermuda with still category three status with 115 mile per hour winds. with any luck, it will weaken a little further and not have a direct hit. something to watch over the next few days as hurricane igor heads toward bermuda. high pressure producing sunshine tomorrow and 80 degrees. in the 50's in the morning. a chance for scattered showers thursday night. clearing out on friday, a beautiful weekend. sunshine saturday and sunday with highs around 80 degrees. >> 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> we keep from the ravens training facility where it is a quick turnaround. coaches are beginning preparation for
. it is barrelling toward bermuda at this hour. the category 1 storm is already lashing the islands with intense winds and rain and cnn meteorologist reynolds wolf is live in the thick of this joining us live from elbow beach, bermuda. reynolds? >> reporter: that's right, frederica, we are getting a little bit of a break right now in terms of precipitation, you might see some rain drops across the screen at home. the biggest thing we have again b been getting is wind. although igor is quite a distance off it is a huge storm. view airs cross america, not that familiar with bermuda, bermuda consists of 138 very small islands. if you were to cram they will all together it would equal about one-third the size of igor is huge. the way the latest path looks it appears the eye will make the landfall in the far western part of bermuda or come very close. either way that happens, we should still get the full brunt of it at least the northeast quadrant of the storm, which is going to bring the strongest wind as well, heaviest rainfall and some massive waves much the waves affected this area in terms of po
.j. holms. glad you are right here and bermuda is bracing right now for that big sucker you see in the middle of your screen. that is hurricane igor. we will have a live report from bermuda. >>> pope benedict apologizing in great britain for the church sex abuse schedule. >>> we are also live in london for you this morning. >>> give you a look at some o of the other stories making headlines. alaska's senator, lisa murkowski, said she will start a write-in campaign, still trying to hold on to the scene. we will have more on this and an analysis on her likelyhood to succeed. >>> the polls now closed in afghanistan. 2500 candidates competing for 249 parliamentary seats in the country's fourth national election since 2004. taliban militants called for a boycott of the election and in the first hours of voting, there were reports of scattered roadside bombing, rocket attacks, including one right outside nato headquarters in kabul. nobody there. we will have a live report from afghanistan as well. bp's broken oil well in the gulf of mexico about to be dead for good. today, bp official
% or more. >>> igor roars, bermuda braces. the hurricane bears down on the island nation. >>> back home, a bittersweet return for the american released from iran. >>> and fearing the worst. the search for a missing group of suspected cult members including eight children. why are authorities worried about what they may eventually find? >>> good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt. it's 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. on the west. we have an exclusive interview on "meet the press." retired general and secretary of state colin powell says he hasn't yet decided to endorse president obama in the 2012 election. >> just as i did in 2008, when 2012 comes along, i will look at the needs of the country, the situation as i see it, and i will evaluate both candidates and see which one i think is best able to lead the country. >> nbc's mike bacquero at the white house. good morning. colin powell did back the president in '08. what is his view now? >> reporter: he did so on "meet the press." he called barack obama, then of course the senator, a transformational figure. he's not really backing a
hurricane igor is now a category 1 storm, it's rapidly approaching bermuda. while igor has weakened somewhat, the popular vacation island will most lily take a rect hit. big waves, driving rains have caused some damage on the island. that eye is expected to pass over bermuda late tonight, perhaps early tomorrow morning. bermuda's power company says that nearly 20,000 customers are already in the dark. >> not going to take a last-minute chance on a wobble. i checked with the hurricane center, the eye wall itself was 25 miles just to the west of bermuda. if it stays off to the west, it will bypass most of the island but it will be really close and hurricane force winds extend outwards nearly 100 miles from the center. the entire island of bermuda is going to spend all night tonight being battered by hurricane force winds. that's 74 miles an hor, sustained winds with gusts still close to 100. it's not a good night in bermuda. here in washington all is clear and quiet outside. i'll show you the great satellite picture on igor in just a second. the high temperature made it up to 85 degrees after
, to be sure. kristen dahlgren, thanks for that. >>> let's go to the atlantic where folks in bermuda are bracing for powerful hurricane igor which is heading right to that island. igor's top winds reach near 110 miles an hour. let's check in with bill karens for the latest on this. >> what a couple weeks we've had. not only a lot of storms but the storms have become very strong. at one point we're tracking three major hurricanes. we haven't done that since 1920-something. very rare events. they've all missed the united states. mexico yesterday hit by karl. now igor heading for bermuda. not really all that intense right now, but it's large in size. like the size of texas. that means that bermuda will be in this storm for a while. already large waves are arriving. those tropical storm force winds. the worst of it will be after dinner tomorrow till about midnight. that's when the strongest winds from the hurricane will affect bermuda. here's the timing of it from the hurricane center. they think it should approach bermuda as a category 3 or 2 storm. it looks like late sunday night to ea
in london. >>> taking aim. hurricane igor bears down on bermuda as the cleanup begins in the wake of another killer storm. >>> and miracle mom. a young mother of three defies death and now she's using her life to make a difference. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. coming off of a drama of some of this week's state primary contests, believe it or not, not all the political focus these days is on the november midterm elections. the run-up to the 2012 presidential campaign is also slowly starting to build. tonight, those handicapping the potential republican challengers are trying to figure out what to make of sarah palin's high profile appearance this weekend in a place where presidential runs usually get off the ground. nbc's mike viqueira is in washington tonight to tell us more. mike. >> reporter: good evening, lester. sarah palin is on something of a role becoming a party king-maker while at the same time defying the republican establishment. now the question is will she, can she, try to parlay that popularity with the conservative base into a successful run
. >> reporter: you bet. >>> residents in bermuda are waiting for the arrival of hurricane igor. it's one of the worst in the island's history. it could last until monday. damage from 2003s hurricane fabian, the worst hurricane to strike since 1963s hurricane arlene. that's the one they are comparing it to. authorities in mexico are on high alert for mud slides and flooding since hurricane karl pushed inland after sweeping into the gulf coast and killing two people. it's now considered a depression. it was the worst depression since hurricane janet in 1955. we'll have more later on in weather. >>> new buzz today about 2012 politi politics, following sarah palin's stop in iowa. laying the ground work there is considered a critical step to the presidential nomination. mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning to you mike. >> good morning, alex. >> what about the crowd's reaction to the former governor of alaska. >> reporter: it is interesting. this is a path well worn by presidential hopefuls. the first battleground. the beginning of 2012. this is sarah palin's first visit ther
s to silence] >>> right now on msnbc sunday bermuda braces for hurricane igor. when will the storm be at its worst? we'll have that in a live report from the weather channel. california cult -- an emergency alert this morning for missing members of a cult-like organization. were they planning a mass suicide? >>> scientists trying to see if the fractured rig behind the worst oil spill in u.s. history is sealed for good. >>> heading home. the hiker released from iran is about to land on american soil for the first time since her long ordeal began. good morning everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc sunday. we're talking about bermuda which is bracing for hurricane igor. the category one storm is expected to strike the island later today but already as you can see right there the big waves are pounding bermuda's beaches while islanders rush to board up windows and prep for the storm. let's get more details from the weather channel's jeff morrow. it's a busy time in bermuda. good morning. >> good morning, alex. yeah, they had better have those windows and doors boarded up by now bec
clouds, but a very nice finished the weekend. >>> coming up, igor on the move. bermuda tourists are trying to leave before the storm makes landfall. plus, a star high school quarterback collapses and dies minutes after throwing a touchdown. what caused his death? and heading home, the americans just released -- the american released from the iranian prison is heading back to the u.s.. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. >>> votes are being counted after a day of violence in afghanistan. bombings killed 11 civilians and three police officers as afghans voted for a new parliament. the vote tabulation is expected to take days and some say the results will have little meeting because of fraud and low turnout. those who vote said they were determined to be heard over the taliban. >>> freed american hiker sarah shourd is on her way back to the u.s., completing the first leg of her trip this mornin
saturday morning to you, alec. it is about igor and how the effects of bermuda will play out this weekend. that's where the storm is going to head sunday night. first of all, here's the storm. it is a huge storm. not as intense as it once was, but this storm is very large in size. it is texas big. it is bringing wind and waves to bermuda during the day today, although it won't hit tomorrow night. the area in orange is the tropical storm wind field. it is huge. the large waves are going to make their way to bermuda, and some large swells will be on the east coast of the united states as well. rip currents are high from florida through new england saturday and sunday. so let's take a look at the forecast from the national hurricane center. it has it going to a major hurricane. a category 3 during the day tomorrow as it approaches bermuda. lit probably be a category 3 or 2 hurricane, that's enough to do significant damage. our computer models are in excellent agreement. it has been this way for four or five days. the target is bermuda. it will go ore the top of the island. you can see where
>>> one official says will be a long and punishing storm. bermuda braces for the worst. >> voters in one country not turning back. i'm julie banderas. this is the fox report. the race to the midterms heating up many reaffirming their commitment to the social conservative states. at the end -- and the voters summit in d.c.. and the big buzz of the day the tea party. also tonight. >> [ unintelligible ] >> the pope speaks out expressing sorrow and shame over the catholic church's sex abuse scandal. even meeting with some of the victims. his visit not without controversy. details coming up. >> plus, a triple threat in the atlantic. one storm turning deadly. now hurricane igor bearing down on bermuda. we are live with an update. >> american hiker held for more than a year in an iranian prison is heading back to the united states. fox news is america's election headquarters. two new big developments, 45 days before voters will head to the polls. in alaska, senator lisa murkowski deciding she still has a fighting chance to keep her job. the republican incumbent launching a write-in ballo
on the island of bermuda. igor roared right past the coast overnight, missing direct landfall by just 40 miles. >> it's a large hurricane generating enormous waves. it's pummelling the island with powerful winds, driving rain, trees there are shredded, power lines are down. cnn is your hurricane headquarters, rob marciano is here in new york. first, though, let's go to the scene, reynolds wolf live in elbow beach, bermuda. looks like not a good time there this morning. >> reporter: well, things are improving compared to last night where the brunt of the storm really came just to our west around 11:00 local time through midnight, really the worst of it. this storm, although it did not make a direct hit, you've got to remember that bermuda is a small area. and this storm when you include the outflow is nearly 1,000 miles wide. when you think about bermuda, it's not one island, but 138, and joined together is about the equivalent land mass of 1/3 of washington, d.c. very easy target for this immense hurricane. the effects we've had here, some tremendous waves that right along the coast. we've got
inprince williams county, a man and wife now dead. >>> a direct hit on bermuda, bracing for a direct hit from hurricane igor. this is 9 news now. >>> i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this saturday night. we begin with a local crime spree that apparently came to an end. homes belonging to indian american families have been burglarized, 37 homes in all. the thieves are looking for gold. the mastermind is a woman from new york. >> reporter: that was her then, and this is her now. >> wow, finally, i believe like there's a justice system. >> reporter: 34-year-old melinda soto pleaded guilty to 37 burglaries, and stealing more than half a million dollars, mainly in family gold from indian americans in northern virginia. two other men, including her husband, have been charged. but that was hardly the case when i visited laha a year ago. $100,000 worth of diamonds, gold and other valuables snatched away. her community scared, paranoid and skeptical of everyone who came into their neighborhood. >> now, at least they can go to their house, sleep in their house. the house is a place wher
. and the powerful storm is battering bermuda. the damage it is causing. >>> plus, sarah shourd speaks out about her time in iran. >>> plus, sarah shourd speaks out about her time in iran. ♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be ♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can he
>>> trouble in the tropics. hurricane igor continues his bath toward bermuda. when he could hit and who else is in the line of the storm. >>> a traffic alert if you're heading into d.c. while your normal right may -- route may send you on a detear. >>> in come the texans for game to of the new season. we're previewing the latest invasion from the lone star state. >>> good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm sarah simmons. melanie is off today. hurricane igor is bearing down on bermuda. now this is video as the storm approached and there are warnings that waves could be from 30-40 feet hitting bermuda's south shore. more than 64,000 people call that island home. also parts of mexico are cleaning up and surveying the damage left behind by the now dissipated hurricane karl. igor also having an effect on travelers. thousands of crew ship passengers headed from europe to bermuda, had to take a detour to the usa instead and now stranded in boston, massachusetts this weekend. they will make a stop in new york city. a great trade-off there. >>> and things are off to a
bermuda tonight. where else would reynolds wolf be except right there where all the action is. i know it might be a nice morning, but, still, something is looming out there. >> reporter: you're right, t.j. we've got igor. bermuda, it's a collection of 138 miles but the total land maas about a third of the size of washington, d.c. with one of the biggest storms of the planet bearing down over the next 24 hours. we've got the story coming up in just a few moments. you're watching "cnn saturday morning." [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from ten never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪ >>> ten minutes past the hour on this "cnn saturday morning." we're tracking a few storms right now. hurricane igor in at
was a prince william county employee. >>> bermuda is bracing for what could be a direct hit from hurricane igor. tomorrow or monday. tourists have lined up at the airport hoping to get one of the last flights off the island. residents have been stocking up on supplies. bermuda officials are taking the approaching storm very seriously tonight. >> bermudans are not afraid of storms. sometimes we tend to brush off storms when we shouldn't. but the descriptions that have been used for this particular storm have scared us. >> meanwhile the remnants of hurricane carl has caused flooding and landslides in south central mexico. at least seven people have died. the storms could bring winds over 100 miles per hour if it makes land tomorrow. >>> b.p. is getting close to killing the blownout well in the gulf of mexico. a pressure test this weekend will determine if the well is sealed for good. >>> the difficulty on this well was really in the design of the kill operation. as far as the well intersection part goes, really, it's pretty much the same. >> earlier today, crews prepared for that test by removing
is expected to hit bermuda tomorrow night. we are your hurricane headquarter. stay with us for the latest on igor and the other storms in the atlantic. >>> we are in england where protesters are protesting the pope. today, the pope met with victims of the abuse. john allen is our senior vatican analyst, joining us live from london. good to see you. >> hey, fredericka. >> not only is the pope addressing the sex abuse scandal by meeting with victims and everywhere he goes, people are asking him to comment on it. lately, people are asking him to comment about women being ordained as priests. we heard in carol costello's piece, they don't think the pope is open, but others have said he is the pope that is very open. which is it for you? >> all of the above. i think he's an open guy. he's a world class intellectual and loves the clash of ideas. he's a gracious and humble man who is a great listener. he's got firm convictions he believes are the truth and come from church conviction. one of the fixed points of truth is christ called only men to priesthood and the church doesn't have the authori
balanced on long trips. residence inn. >>> hurricane igor is hours from bermuda, but big waves are already there. this is what it looked like along the coast of warwick parrish when debbie may was filming there. our reynolds wolf is braving the elements in elbow beach. oh, boy. pretty nasty. when is landfall? are you experiencing the outer bands right now? >> we're dealing with the outer bands. in fact, we started dealing with some of those last night, fredericka. i'm here with a photojournalist, and you can see the swaying palm trees behind me. visibility has been reduced to quarter mile due to the heavy rainfall coming in. you can barely make out elbow beach. conditions will get worse. center of the storm is 140 miles from the exact location. looks like bands are coming through. it looks like from the latest forecast at the center of the storm will push to the west of bermuda. that in mind, though, we're going to be hit with the strongest part. the northeast corner of the storm which will bring the heaviest rainfall, pounding surf at the same time, strongest winds. winds 60 to 65 mile pe
, hurricane igor, inching closer and closer to bermuda now. a powerful category 1 storm. tonight, we're live on the island nation. >> and a massive search for a group of 13 people in a break away religious sect putting an end to what some authorities fear could become a mass suicide. we'll have the latest details and i'm julie banderas and the news starts now. >> they had vanished virtually without a trace. leaving behind only a few goodbye letters and other personal items, hinting and disaster to come. but then, the news many had been waiting for. >> they're alive and well, that's the best news of the day. >> tonight, where police finally tracked them down, and what some members of so-called cult-like group said they were searching for. >> also, tonight, hurricane igor hits bermuda, ahead, where the strong storm could be headed next. >> plus, nearly five months after the massive explosion that triggered the worst oil spill in u.s. history, word tonight the blownout well is finally sealed. back on shore, the american woman jailed in iran more than a year is finally home and declaring her inn
to keep an eye on that. >>> we are also keeping an eye on hurricane igor. our reynolds wolf is in bermuda for us. live, right after the break. 11 minutes past the hour. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ i love running my tongue across my teeth and feeling all the stuff i missed. [ male announcer ] no one really wants plaque left on their teeth. done. [ male announcer ] but ordinary manual brushes can leave up to 50% of plaque behind. oral-b power brushes are inspired by the tools professionals use, to clean away plaque in. for that dentist-smooth, clean feeling every day. fight plaque with real power. oral-b power. get 50% off oral-b power brushes for a limited time. visit for details. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet
on bermuda. what action the island is taking for the first time in its history. >> a weather system continues to move to the east of the bay area. coming up, the change in the cloud forecast for tomorrow and the noticeable impact on our temperatures. mmmm. u don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart heth. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me what can lp lower my chesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep everyight over my arteries, good speech dad. [ male announcer honey nut cheeri tastes great and s whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee althy. ♪ . >>> the worst streak of violence in iraq since the u.s. conducted a major withdrawal has killed at least 36 people. two massive car bombs exploded in baghdad this morning. one was aimed at a commercial center. another at a security building. a third bombing in falluja was aimed at iraqi patrols. more than 125 people were injured in the blasts. the bombings broke a relatively calm period follow
tonight as it is expected to make landfall in bermuda in a few hours. people are bracing for the worst. we are live with mike in the satellite center. >> there are already hurricane force winds and 15-foot waves, and they are using sandbags and stacking up on supplies, as public safety officials say the storm will be long and punishing. >> we hope for the best. >> this hurricane is heading straight for bermuda. most tourists have evacuated, but many of the 65,000 residents on the island are staying put, using bottled water and other supplies. >> i have been here 45 years. with this one, i feel very, very nervous. >> the airport was shut down and boarded up this afternoon after the last flight departed. >> you need to be out. >> meanwhile, thousands of cruise ships passengers have been diverted. how disappointing is this? >> not much. , we get to see boston in new york. >> igor is one of three hurricanes this week, the result of warm weather in the atlantic. >> this could be considered the new normal over the next 5 to 10 years as the ocean remains on the warm side of normal. >> meteorologi
winds of 75 miles per hour just at its closest point it bermuda, about 40 miles off to the west. the storm has been lashing the islands for hours now with hurricane-force wind gusts and they've been reported as high as 93 miles per hour. those strong winds will continue throughout much of the night tonight. and then begin it subside by monday afternoon. the storm has started a northeastly turn. we'll start to pick up in forward speed. that's a little bit of good news. it will also continue to create large swells up and down the atlantic coast. and that's going to last at least through your monday possibly into tuesday, as well. that's the latest. i'm meteorologist jacqui jeras. we'll have updates as needed throughout the night. >>> this hour, everything you need to know for your week ahead including the man you just saw, bill maher, exposing the controversial past of a tea party darl ang possibly forcing delaware's newest gop primary winner to cancel media appearances. how will washington react tomorrow? just a day after a key senate vote on don't ask, don't tell, the head of th
at this hour on bermuda. reynolds wolf joins us live from the center of the storm and jacqui jeras is in the hurricane headquarters to tell us where it's all going. it's time for you to be part of the show. right now make sure you logon on to the special networking sites and send us a message and check out our blog at our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like gar
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. unfortunately still in this path right in here, see that is bermuda taking it across bermuda. this is a large massive storm moving slowly. going to batter bermuda for 24- 36 hours before it clears. we have julia out there, this one not as strong and going to make a turn and leave. this is igor. forecast looks like this when we put it together. quieter around here, close to 80 degrees this afternoon. breezy out there. tonight, we go down in to the 50s, then tomorrow, we are lacking at sunshine returning, close to 80 degrees for our high. not a bad way to start the weekend. >>> still to come at noon, we are talking with the stars of one of the new seasons new shows. mike and molly. wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour and instant updates, updated forecast, log on to we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, way to a person's heart maybe through his or her stomach. >> that's the idea behind this new comedy, mike and molly. good afternoon, guys. you sound like you are having fun already. >> we are doing all right. how are things in baltimore? >> we are fine. have yo
currents because igor is moving toward the shore. all eyes will be upon igor as and is close to bermuda. is continuing to move in that direction is about five pfennigs 60 miles. you can see it go right to warn that island. by saturday afternoon or send evening, it give a passing. it begins to flow away. it is good news for us. it is bad news for folks in bermuda. 80 degrees in bermuda. of bird-7's on monday and tuesday. >> week three of high school football delivers the clean is it we have seen since ray lewis. the story is coming up next in sports. >> is an estimated $54 million for the led to begin may be a millionaire. 14 is followed by 27, 18, 4, 3. the mega ball number is 13. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it
towards andrews air force base. big story in th weather world, hurricane gor, the isnd of bermuda it looks like the storm will take dead aim on the island of bermuda, one of the biggest storms they've had in the at least three years. this may very well be a direct hit on the island of bermuda that should be sometime mid-to-late afternoon and coming onshore as a category 2 hurricane. bad news for bermuda. this big area of high pressure that brought in the cool air will keep the hurricane out to sea and won't bother the east coast. a little weather front. slowly slipping our way as we go throughhe course of the day and tomorrow, an increase in the mid and high-level clouds late in the afternoon but by and large a beautiful weather day tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle or two across portions of southern pennsylvania. and then the high pressure moves in and takes the edge ff temperatures. temperatures mid to high 80s. the texans taking on the redskins at fedex field and quickoff time at 4:15. the baltimore ravens head to cincinnati to take on ochocinco. 83 in cincinnati. 79 for today. 86 torrow. and
, a big storm that is heading towards bermuda right now. supposed to hit some time tonight. our reynolds wolf is where else? there. we'll be joining him shortly. >>> also, the back and forth on capitol hill over tax cuts. we're going to be breaking all this down and show you exactly what it means if the tax cuts expire how much money are you going to be paying extra? it's eight minutes past the hour. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get
web site, hurricane igor is on track for bermuda, creating high winds and rough surf. to get ready, locals are gathering supplies and boarding up homes while vacationers are trying to leave before the storm hits some time on sunday. igor's forecasted path forced royal caribbean to change the destination for enchantment of the seas that departs from baltimore. it is now heading to the bahamas. b.p.'s blown-out well in the gulf of mexico could be hours away from being permanently sealed, that is the word from the gulf tonight. one final test and then they start cementing, killing that well for good. >> 152 days in and b.p. engineers say it's still going to take a few more hours before the fractured deep water horizon well is officially closed forever. 74 barrels of cement have been pumped in and set. strsts are working -- scientists are working through another test, applying 15,000 pounds of pressure to the seal to make sure it holds. on the surface, no test is needed. the pressure is definitely growing. >> why couldn't they do something before it got here. >> anger fue
. >> alan: hurricane igor is battering bermuda. 80 miles-per-hour winds are whipping up rains and heavy rains are causing minor flooding. we have this report from bermuda. >> reporter: this is hurricane igor arriving, some high winds and a lot of rain associated with this storm. residents here on this island woke up to good news and bad news. the bad news is that igor is headed right towards the island. the good news is the hurricane has been downgraded to a category 1 from category 2. still, we're seeing gusts already of 85 miles-per-hour, some some of the waves hitting 15 feet. in fact, it's that surge of water which could cause a lot of damage. when the storm was still a category 2, the premiere of bermuda warned this might be the strongest storm the island faced. that may no longer be the case, but ago igor is going to sit ovr the water for 12 hours because it's so large. david curley, abc news, bermuda. >> carolyn: weave -- we've had in humid weather. >> leigh: this cold front is kind of wimpy. some areas managed a few drops. behind that frontal system, nice clearing taking place.
group of suspected cult members including eight children. big storm little bermuda. is igor still on course to collide with that island? >>> heading home. a bitter sweet return today for the american released from iran. >>> plus, a republican conservative has given sarah palin the snub. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc sunday where it's just past 9:00 a.m. here on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. out west. right now we have breaking news. a spokeswoman for sarah shourd the american woman who spent 13 months behind bars in iran says the 32-year-old is now back in the united states. let's go live to nbc's ron allen who is in new york outside a hotel where she is scheduled to have a news conference today. ron, good morning. what is the latest you're hearing? >> well, we're not sure exactly where she landed but there are reports she arrived in washington, d.c. at dulles airport about a half hour or so ago. we do know that she is planning to be here in new york later this afternoon to hold a press conference to talk to the world media. one reason that she is coming to n
's big, bad and growing stronger. hurricane igor bearing down on bermuda. also ahead, leading the charge. sarah palin goes to a presidential proving ground to rally the troops. >>> what has lindsay lohan done now that could put her back behind bars? >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. just past 11:00 here on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. on the west coast. >>> that blown-out well on the bottom of the gulf coast could be sealed today. now they're working to make sure that well is stopped for good. kristen dahlgren is live for us in venice, louisiana. so another good morning. how is it going at this point? >> reporter: hey, good morning, alex. we're still waiting for any word to come from about 50 miles off the coast here where that operation is under way. the last we heard from bp was some time yesterday afternoon that they had started the cementing process. that started at about 1:30 local time. it was expected to take a few hours. then they needed to let that cement cure. after that they were going to do their pressure test. then at that point they would be
maude later today -- bermuda later today. more details now from the weather channel's jeff morrow. good morning to you. what's it looking like? >>> all right. i decided to give you a big visual satellite picture of what you would see, say, if you were up in the space station looking right down on it. there's bermuda, that little black dot in the middle of the yellow circle here. and there's the center of igor, just to the south of it, and it's going to be moving right by bermuda here as we head through the next 12 to 14 hours or so. and it's probably going to give bermuda -- you're already seeing tropical storm-force winds there. it's probably going to have at least tropical storm-force winds if not hurricane-force winds for the next 18 to 24 hours. that kind of wind for that prolonged period of time is probably going to cause some damage on the island. maximum sustained winds right now, category 1 strength. that's the good news. the whole hurricane has weakened. but it's such a big hurricane in size that it will be pummelling that island with those 85 mile-per-hour winds for quite some
of bermuda take as nearly direct hit from hurricane igor with destructiontive -- destructive winds. we have more from dave price. >> reporter: igor's eye passed 40-miles mile ber -- miles from bermuda. it knocked out electricity to more than 20,000 people on this island of 68,000. the streets of hamilton, the capital, was under water and littered with debree. residents of bermuda, long used to tropical weather, left the streets deserted. >> safety first. we can always rebuild. we already know to rebuild. >> reporter: in fact bermuda has a strict building cones. walls must be at least eight inches thick able to withstand winds of 08 miles an hour. >> i'm not scared at all. i think it's an awesome force of nature. if you can experience it, that is amazing. >> reporter: officials will be in bermuda to assess the damage. so far, there's no word of any serious injuries. >> the first warning weather coverage continues. bob? >> right now igor is about 400 miles northeast of bermuda, so they have sunshine. it's still a category one, minimal category one. it's moving northeast at 26 miles an hour. s
is bearing down on bermuda right now. this could be a long and punishing storm. a live report from rick leventhal in bermuda, straight ahead. >> standoff in texas just coming to a dramatic end. police say the gunman shot two deputies and another man and opened fire at a police helicopter. >> one of three american hikers detained for over a year in iran on her way home. sarah shourd making a quick stop in oman before she heads to the states. in new york tomorrow. >> grand ole party infighting. lisa murkowski saying she will fight on, despite losing last month's gop primary to tea party favorite joe miller. murder could you ski planning to run as -- murkowski planning to run as a write-in candidate. this is not sitting well with many. why go ahead with this despite her primary loss? >> reporter: juliette, good to see you. because the race was very close. her opponent and attorney out of alaska joe miller only won by 1600 votes. not a very big margin whatsoever. despite losing however, murkowski has a lot of name recognition in alaska. she served as state congresswoman for a few years. her
. >> thank you, angie. >>> at the top of the hour, here are the stories happening today. bermuda officials are heading out to assess the damage caused by hurricane igor. the storm passed 40 miles to the west of the island but weakened to a category 1 hurricane. parts of bermuda were flooded from the heavy rain. over 19,000 people in the british territory are without power this morning. >>> prosecutors in michigan are holding a press conference today to announce more charges against the suspected serial killer. police believe he stabbed and killed five people in michigan. he is a suspect in two stabbings and hammer attack in leesburg, virginia. his attorneys expect prosecutors to charge his client with at least one murder and three to four attempted murder charges. >>> a virginia woman is holding out hope the supreme court will halt her execution. right now 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to be executed in virginia. she was convicted of conspiring with two men to carry out the 2002 murders of her husband and stepson. virginia governor bob mcdonnell denied her clemency friday. >>> eve
to bermuda. >>> and the former agriculture department executive forced to resign because of a youtube video speaks out about her ordeal. >>> for a moment this summer shirley sherrod was a household name. >> she was forced to quit the agriculture department after a video posted by a conservative blogger misrepresented her message on discrimination. today she spoke at a local church and her karen gray houston was there in attend -- and our karen gray houston was there in attendance. >> reporter: the metropolitan african methodist episcopal church on m street has hosted statesmen and civil rights leaders. it's undergoing a major renovation. that did not stop shirley sherrod from retelling her story. >> this person was e-mailing me saying you should be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: sherrod is still haunted by this now famous video. >> here i was saying i happened to have a white person say they're lazy. >> reporter: it was a speech she gave to the naacp but a conservative blogger posted excerpts that seemed so show she withheld assistance from a georgia farmer because he was white. >> i jus
. mississippi ranked worst with a median income of $35,693. nearly half of bermuda residents are reportedly without power as they endure hurricane igor's winds and rain. the storm near the island of the category one hurricane just before dark. powerful waves reached nearly 15 feet and are wearing away at the beaches on the island. there was a homecoming sunday morning for one of the three american hikers held in iran the last 13 months. she spoke about her ordeal for the first time she was released on humanitarian grounds by the iranian government. >> i stand before you today only one third free. we committed no crime and we are not spies. >> the families of shane bauer and josh fattal hold out home as iran's president suggest they may be freed if the u.s. makes a similar gesture. still ahead, gas prices hit a summer low over the labor day weekend but last week they crept back up. we'll explain what's going on. if you didn't enjoy the sweltering hot summer days, neither did the fall crops. >> it was a warm finish to this weekend but a cold front coming through tonight, impacting the weather
>>> making news on this monday, september 20th. >> bermuda takes a bruising overnight. 1,000-mile igor taking aim at the island. with gusts of nearly 100 miles an hour. our reporter is there. >>> will he free the hikers? the president of iran arrives in the u.s. dogged by question the of the fate of the two hikers held in iran. >>> and the pets close down a major store on new york's fifth avenue. >>> good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday. we are following a developing story this morning, as hurricane igor brings high winds, heavy surf and pelting rain to bermuda. >> the monster storm dwarfs the tiny island as it passes well east of the carolinas. we know there are extensive power outages and schools and businesses will be closed there today. >> but it also could be much worse. >> reporter: rob a >> reporter: rob and vinita, say hello to igor. this is it. gusts up to 85 mile an hour. the center of the storm about 40 miles west passing right by bermuda. it's a category 1 hurricane, but we are seeing the back side of it. the dirty side, the northeast quadrant. it's th
of bermuda, forecasters expect igor to keep its current strength and slam ashore sometime later today or early tomorrow morning. our meteorologist reynolds wolf is live for us in bermuda. is it coming? can you tell it's coming, reynolds? >> reporter: i'll tell you, t.j., last night we could feel just the very beginning of it. we were getting a few of the outer bands that actually are moving through the area, giving us light rain drops. now it's picking up in earnest. we're getting occasional storm force winds. there has been good news with the storm, and that's something you mentioned right off the top. it has been weakening. it is only a category 1 storm. there's been a bit of dry air moving in the western half of the storm. the eye wall almost impossible to see at this point, but it may be going through a reformation process. that's something we've got to watch very carefully. you see the imagery there. in terms of the overall strength, it is weak, but here is the bad news. the bad news is that this storm is much bigger, and it is moving at a much slower rate than fabian back in 200
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